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If you are managing a team and holding regular meetings, you probably realize it is sometimes difficult to get a group to engage right from the beginning, its a challenge to keep them focused , to deal with difficult personalities and disruptive behavior, its hard sometimes to build consensus when people disagree, and to ensure that full commitment is gained for follow through. Facilitators use facilitated sessions as a tool for addressing these issues.

What is a facilitated session?

A structured meeting in which the facilitator guides the participants through a series of preplanned steps to arrive at a result that is created, understood and accepted by all participants.

What is the role of the facilitator?    A skilled facilitator guides the group through interactions and techniques that engage the hearts and minds of those of the participants in the work. Great facilitators are able to help participants excel as a team in focusing on the issues, building a common vision and committing to the actions that will bring that vision into reality!

Aisling Roche is an experienced and skilled facilitator, get in touch and we would be happy to discuss how we might help you  hold better and more productive meetings.