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The Future of AI and Marketing

Tuesday, June 11th, 2024

In every workshop,  I facilitate at the moment the discussions:  “AI is amazing” “AI is going to revolutionize Marketing communications” “AI is making everything too generic” are happening , and everyone has a different spin. The only commonality is everyone mentions it every day. The truth is we don’t know what exactly is going to happen, we can only guess. Some things we do know, like for example AI is certainly going to speed up some mundane repetitive marketing tasks (it already has).

 But an article in Marketing Week from Prof Mark Ritson made me smile and ponder in equal measure. ITs called – The internet will soon need warnings for AI-generated content- Google it !

I totally agree with him on his predictions for The Long and The Short of it :

“The ‘short’ of it – the bigger mass of multiplicitous, rational, product-focused, targeted messages that benefit from a test-and-learn approach and work within the parameters of immediate ROI calculations – are surely a hot zone for AI for the next few years”

“For the Long, we are going to need this kind of communication to be new, different and so very human.

Equally I love his predictions for social media:

“Very soon, perhaps already, social media platforms will be deluged with daily content from users who are not actually using the platform at all. It’s more than likely that at least one social platform will go anti-synthetic and enforce a non-AI policy using some future filter we are yet to develop.”

I spot a gap in the market…

The History of Marketing – Infographic

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

History of Marketing Infographic

History of Marketing Infographic

Marketing On A Shoestring Radio Interview

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Marketing on a shoestring

Listen to some advice from Aisling Roche in her interview “Marketing on a shoestring” on CRCfm

Listen here:Interview with Aisling Roche 12-02-08