If you are the owner of an Irish SME or a sales or marketing director we can help you

We help Irish companies grow their sales, by finding new customers and developing more business with customers they already have.

We can do this in three ways through:

1) Training

2) Consultancy

3) Mentoring

Aisling Roche is the founder of ARMS Marketing and Training and is herself the owner and founder of two Irish SMEs. She knows all about the challenges of staying in and growing a business, but she also knows all about the practical cost-effective ways to grow sales and build a brand. A renowned expert in Marketing and Sales Aisling also lectures at the UCD – School of Business – University College Dublin. If you are wondering if Aisling is a good fit for you and your business, check out her LinkedIn profile here and in particular what others have said about working with her under the Recommendations section on LinkedIn